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Sole Rejuvenation

Imagine treating yourself to a luxurious foot soak and scrub, a sanctuary of relaxation that provides your hardworking feet with the care and attention they truly deserve. As you prepare for this soothing ritual, we gather a basin filled with comfortably warm water, its surface adorned with delicate petals and aromatic essences that create an atmosphere of tranquility.


As you ease your feet into the inviting water, an immediate sensation of relief envelops you. The warmth gradually seeps into your skin, releasing the day’s tension and fatigue. The water, enriched with Epsom salts and essential oils, works its magic as the gentle caress of the liquid soothes your senses and softens the outer layers of your skin.

Take a moment to close your eyes and inhale the subtle fragrance that wafts from the water. The calming aroma of lavender and chamomile infuses the air, allowing your mind to unwind and your worries to dissipate.

50 Minutes

Feet in warm bubbly water


Next, we use an exfoliating scrub, a blend of natural ingredients like sugar, salt, and nourishing oils. As we scoop out a generous amount and apply it to your feet.  With care, we  begin the scrub, paying special attention to the heels and the balls of your feet, where the pressures of daily life often leave their mark.

The scrub’s texture, while invigorating, remains gentle, ensuring that your skin is revitalized without any discomfort. You feel the rejuvenating effects as the scrub buffs away dullness, leaving your skin feeling smoother and more supple.

Rinsing off the scrub under the warm cascade of water, you revel in the sensation of renewal. Your feet, once fatigued, now radiate a newfound vitality. The water takes on a gentle hue, a testament to the impurities that have been gently coaxed from your skin.

Soak + Scrub Add On – 50 Minutes

Foot soak in bowl of flower petals

And Get to Know Us!

With the foot soak and scrub complete, we towel-dry your feet with the same tenderness we’ve bestowed upon them throughout this ritual. 

You can’t help but admire the refreshed and velvety texture of your skin. The tension that once resided in your feet has given way to a sense of calm, and you carry this tranquility with you as you step back into the world, knowing that you’ve given yourself a moment of serenity oneness with the world.

Complimentary Champagne &

Snacks and Tea Included

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