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CLEOPATRA is a bio-infused facial system that is the most advanced 6-in-1 Skin Care treatments for unrivaled results. Cleopatra Bio-Infusion is made up of esthetic treatments that combines several clinically proven technologies along with bio-activated skin-based nourishing serums to create a unique experience.

It helps to smoothen fine lines, reduce pore size, improve skin tone and texture, brighten dull skin, reduce dryness and improve hydration. It also reduces the appearance of blemishes and tighten the skin.

Bio-Infusion Serums

The amazing results lies in a unique ingredient technology of Bio-infused serums in conjunction with a combination of procedures to transform your skin into your Best Skin Ever!

Bio-Infused Treatments

Designed for all skin types, ages and colors. 

  • Reverse sign of aging
  • Minimize pores
  • Brighten dull skin
  • Even skin tone and more…

An exclusive purifying and oxygenating beauty plan with Cosmetic Drone Technology and oxygen. Blackhead extraction.

Meet the future with this cutting edge cosmetic that take the best of science and nature to offer you an innovative and exclusive beauty plan.

A formula made with probiotics, prebiotics and other advanced natural ingredients to provide and exclusive care.

Bio-Infusion Add On

Before Your Treatment (Preparation)

You will meet with your treatment representative, and you will both review:
  • Your current status:
    • Goals, Medical history, health conditions, allergies, previous surgeries
    • Discuss options and recommend other features of the service
    • Medications you’re taking, vitamins, OTC drugs, and prescriptions
    • Use of alcohol, tobacco, or any illegal drugs
  • Discuss your preparations
    • No makeup before the treatment
    • Drink lots of water
  • Avoidance of…
    • Avoid drinking alcohol for at least 48 hours before your appointment
    • Cosmetic surgery or chemical peels in the past 30 days
    • Covid-19 within last two weeks
    • Pregnancy (consult with your doctor prior to receiving the treatment
    • Botox or Fillers in the past 7 days
    • Active skin cancer


  1. Reverse the signs of aging 
  2. Minimize oiliness and pore size 
  3. Brighten dull skin, sun spots damage, and age spots 
  4. Even out skin tone and texture concerns 
  5. Reduce the appearance of breakouts and blemish marks 
  6. Hydrate deep down into the skin for lasting moisture.

What to Expect:

You may experience some redness and swelling in the treated areas that will last 24 hours or less. It is important to use sunblock daily to prevent sunspots and uneven skin tone.


Most patients do bi-weekly on average for visible results. As long as a healthy home skin routine is maintained, the results will be noticeable. 

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