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A technician will use a sharp blade to cut tiny hair-like strokes into the brow bone during the tattoo-esque experience to imitate natural hair and deposit pigment underneath the skin, so it is vitally important that the skin can handle treatment in this region.

Retinol is a type of vitamin A found in many skin care products. Please review the products you use in your skincare regimen. The benefit of retinol is that it increases in the development of collagen, which is the number one anti-aging ally.

However, the greatest drawback though is the fact that it dries up the skin and makes it flaky, which will make your microblading fade. The earlier new skin cells replace old skin cells, the faster they disappear. Frequent retinol use reduces the duration of this procedure by half.

It is also advised that exfoliating acids or retinol should not be used before microblading for at least four weeks. During microblading, acids and retinol may thin or sensitize your skin and may cause your skin to tear and aggravate.

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