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Permanent Makeup

What is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup, also known as micropigmentation, refers to a collection of tattoo-pigment based treatments for persons who want to look their best, but save time from their daily makeup and facial routines. The most common techniques are manual microblading, microshading and lip blushing and are used for the treatment of eyebrows and lips.

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At Reflections, our providers are the best of the best for these services. Read on to learn more about these services. Discover our permanent makeup pigments for lips, eyebrows, eyeliner and more and experience the difference.


Manual microblading is a relatively new method gaining popularity across the globe. It is a cosmetic procedure that involves using a semi-permanent tattoo dye, tools and techniques to achieve the appearance of fuller and precisely shaped eyebrows.

Unlike a tattoo, microblading uses a manual handheld tool with tiny needles at the end to create the shape of a small blade (a microblade). This tool enables fine, micro-strokes to mimic individual hairs, therefore, giving a very realistic and natural look, regardless of the amount of hair present.  


Microshading is sometimes referred to as powder brows or ombre brows. It has more of a powdery, soft, drawn outlook than microblading. Similar to microblading, it is also a form of semi-permanent makeup that involves shading eyebrows by making fine, minute dots along the brow area using a single, sterile needle attached to an electronic tattoo device. 

During this procedure shading gradually builds up color and a defined outline eventually giving a shaded look. 

Lip Blushing

For those perfect lips, lip blushing may be for you. Learn about the ingredients and tools that are. And then, for this service you’ll meet with one of our experts to discuss your needs and review the options and potential results.

You want to use a Permanent Makeup Pigments (PMU) that really delivers what it’s promising? You want PMU pigments that cover perfectly and lead to flawless results for your customers? We want that too. That’s why we use the highest-quality permanent make-up pigments available. 

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Microblading vs. Microshading

These are similar procedures. Both are considered semi-permanent, however, Microshading lasts longer than microblading; up to 5 years. Microblading may last between 12 & 18 months, depending on your dermal lifestyle.

Permanent makeup woman in cap eyebrow outlining Closeup of brow microblading

Microshading is great for those with sensitive skin. It is also perfect if you have oily skin. This is because unlike in Microblading, the pigment goes in deeper through the small, pinpoint dots created by the needle, allowing the pigment to set better.

If you love the look of filled-in brows, this is for you. If you also have damaged brows due to excessive tweezing or plucking, then brow shading is a good choice.

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To start it off right, let’s meet to discuss your skincare goals. You’ll get to ask all your questions and feel confident and secure that you are on the right path to the future YOU.

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