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How a healthy lifestyle affects the skin and body

Walking miles after miles and slathering on sunscreen and moisturizer isn’t quite enough for a healthier look. Proper
protection on the inside is even more important. A healthy lifestyle and nutritious diet are crucial for your internal health as
well as your overall appearance.

How does a healthy lifestyle affect the skin and body?

The food we eat works as the source of power for our cells and ensures the proper functioning of the organs. Think of it as growing a plant. After planting the seed, the right type of soil, adequate water, and the sun are crucial for the plant to flourish. With lesser care, the plant may still survive, but it will not be as beautiful and healthy as expected.

The same thing happens with our bodies as well. If we do not eat the essential micro-nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, our metabolic processes will suffer. An unhealthy diet is a major reason behind health decline, skin damage, and hair loss.

– Therefore, it is vital to develop healthy eating habits to stay healthy and live a longer life.
Here are some practical tips to help you start off towards a healthy lifestyle:

• Base your meals on quality protein and higher fiber carbohydrates.
• Eat lots of colorful fruits and vegetables.
• Eat more fatty fish like salmon, trout, herring, sardines etc.
• Limit your salt and Sugar Intake.
• Avoid ultra‐processed foods.
• Exercise at least 30 minutes for 5 days a week.
• Drink adequate amount of water.
• Get quality sleep at night

Allopathic Medicine often does not help as it is not focused on healthy eating. Some significant health effect of poor nutrition includes:

• High blood pressure
• High cholesterol
• Heart disease and stroke
• Type‐2 diabetes
• Osteoporosis
• Certain types of cancer
• Tiredness, stress and decreased capacity to work
• Obesity or being overweight
• Eating disorders
• Skin inflammation, Eczema
• Hair loss or alopecia ect..

Poor nutrition not only leads to certain diseases but also affects mental health, complexion, and overall well-being.

Besides, sticking to an unhealthy diet for the long term can impair your daily health and well-being. So, gradually try to transform your lifestyle by implementing small changes at first. The best way to start a healthy lifestyle is to plan your meals and exercises and stick to it every day. 

Remember, stick to Colorful Food and avoid brown, tan and white colored  food which are typically highly processed. By carrying out a few lifestyle changes, you will reduce your risk of diseases and lead an active, enjoyable life.


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